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Intelligent Sensing, Imaging and Analytics

We are a start-up technology company developing automated solutions for surface condition inspection and assessment. Our beachhead strategy is to focus on digitisation through multimode intelligent sensing and imaging techniques. Our advanced analytics platform uses AI/ML to generate advisory for our clients to make better well-informed decisions.

How can Sequetrics technology help?

Know Your Surface

Our technology offers advanced multimode sensing and imaging for automated surface condition inspection. We have realised significant economic and safety benefits through our sensing and imaging methodology.

Data Analytics to Improve Decisions

We aim to be world-leading in automated surface condition inspection leading towards advancement in digitisation of process handling, process control, quality/quantity inspection, measurement, condition monitoring, and informed decision making (go, no-go) by any  user/operator.

Digitise Surface Conditions

The sensing and imaging devices  generate vast volume of data, and hence using data analytics, our platform will be able to extract relevant information for accurate inspection, insight, and assessment of surface conditions.

Business Case and Outcomes

Quality Improvement

Some of the sensing and imaging technologies are leading to a shift away from general purpose to special purposes. Regulatory bodies now demand more and more that non- invasive inspection and evaluation is used to demonstrate the compliance with safety and legislations.

Cost Reduction and Management

Cost-effective sensing and imaging devices can provide regular and continuous monitoring of the surface conditions, and which could enable the capturing of transient as well as critical conditions allowing the introduction of early intervention for operational and public safety.

Effective Activity Prioritisation

The technology will be far more environmentally friendly, can be used in various locations and conditions, can be remotely operated, and can be cost-effective. The technology will provide you reliable data and decision-making analytics that let will you focus on your offering focussed service towards prioritised activites.

Our Partners

Smart Things Accelerator Centre

RGU Startup Accelerator

Converge Semi-finalist 


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